The Mas de Cadenet is located in a breathtaking landscape at the bottom of the Sainte Victoire Mountain, near Aix-en-Provence. This scenery was a never ending inspiration for the Master of Impressionism, Paul Cézanne. So we could say that the “pictureperfect” Estate is like a painting!

The vine is inextricably linked to the land’s History as demonstrated by the fragments of amphorae dating back to Roman Times found on the property.
But the history of the Mas de Cadenet starts in 1813 when the Negrel Family acquires the Estate. The Mas de Cadenet is emblematic of Provence. It is a longstanding “Love Story” between a family and its land. Today Guy Negrel runs the Estate with the help of his children Maud and Matthieu Negrel.

The vineyard is on a south facing plateau, 250 meters above sea level. Five hectares are in the Côtes de Provence Appellation and forty hectares are on the subappellation Côtes de Provence of Sainte Victoire.
The Mas de Cadenet produces 60% of rosé wines, 30% of red wines and 10% of white wines. The grape varieties grown in the vineyard are Rolle, Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault and Cabernet-Sauvignon. The yield of the vines is naturally kept low and ensures high quality wines (45hl/ha on average).

Rating, critics and selective distribution has made Mas de Cadenet one of the most prestigous wine of Provence.

The name Mas means Estate in Provençal (the local dialect), and Cadenet comes from
Cade, which is a shrub from the juniper family.